Monday, May 8, 2023

Flea market, and auctions and we came home empty handed

On Friday we went to a flea market in Boonville, Mo. 

It will make our kids happy we came home empty handed. #thatsgoingontheauction is our son’s favorite saying.

This International Shoe trunk was $200. It could have been used to carry salesmen samples. The blacksmith worked for them from 1968-1974. 

The back was even prettier. I debated a long time, but just didn’t know where I could put it.

What a cute little 3-D piece. Had it been from California, Missouri maybe I would have bought it. Pretty sure it was California state!

Can’t believe I didn’t get the whole sign in the picture. I worked at MW twice, decades ago. The blacksmith’s Dad retired from there about 1983.

It was really hard to pass up this bathroom mirror/towel holder. My powder room has 20+ mirrors, but the wood frame just wouldn’t match. I loved the label on it.

Found this out-house on the show grounds. The first step was a killer! About 5 feet down. 

I was once a 4-H member, 55+ years ago. Cole County Clovers!

This was the house at the first auction we went to. It was a man’s dream home, that’s for sure. It had two outstanding features, 9 garages attached to the house, all completely heated and cooled. The third floor of the house featured a sunroom with an outside walk around balcony! 

We left before the auction even started. We didn’t see anything that especially interested us. 

We then went 46 miles to Koeltztown Mo. We weren’t sure we were at the right place, there were only a few cars outside a nice red metal building. However when we got out of the truck, you could hear the auctioneer. We walked in and everyone was seated, the kitchen in the corner was serving food. We felt very awkward looking around. Saw nothing of interest and left there quickly.

Back home before 11, we made breakfast and returned to normal life.

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