Sunday, June 4, 2023

The making of a bear trap

The mission was to replicate a #15 Newhouse bear trap. This was to be unique, in that it would be made of wrought iron.

Here Steve, the host and John work together 

Steve’s 125 pound Bradley upright helve hammer. 

Forged teeth.

To be assembled.

John and Mike team up.

John, Ken, and Mike working together.


This is a trial run one a sample trap.

It was dinner time. Steve uses Howard Clark’s Damascus knife to slice the smoked brisket.

I’m pretty sure it was the best brisket ever. The chef, a friend of Steve’s who was paying him back, started the smoking at 2 AM.

After supper, they weren’t sure they’d go back in the shop.

But then they got a second wind.

Some tweaking is needed.

Mission accomplished! High 5’s.

Here’s the blacksmiths involved, Bernie Tappel, Osage Bluff Blacksmith Shop, Ken Jansen, Butcher Creek Forge, host Steve McCarthy, Iron Cock Forge, Mike McLaughlin, and John Sherwood, all members of the Blacksmith Association of Missouri.


Everyone put their initials on the trap pan.

The new compared to the vintage. 

What’s a better way to celebrate then with a shot from a hand forged shot cup!

Great weekend. Good friends and good food, topped off with a completed unique Bear trap.

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