Tuesday, May 14, 2024

BAM Conference.

Another conference in the book! Number 32. Our 40th year of existence. 

The Blacksmith Association of Missouri rocks. It’s a close family for us. So many good friends.

This quilt star basket was donated to the auction by Cathy Sylvester of Tanglewood Baskets, from Independence, Missouri.

It’s mine! I bought it at the auction.

The ladies doing their indigo dying outside. I was so jealous after seeing their items that I didn’t take the class. Maybe next time! 

I took needle felting. Rhonda was an excellent teacher, with patience of Jobe. Needle felting helps you get rid of any frustrations! Unfortunately I didn’t get mine finished.

The guys loading “Vern” up for the trip to the conference.

 The boutique lady, me!

Wednesday night there is always a group of us that gathers at Kehde’s BBQ!

Unloading the hammer.

Just a shot to show the Louisiana guys, they were there in spirit.

He’s adjusting the hammer.

A tribute in the gallery to our friend Larry Lutz.

Oops, someone got a little close to our trailer. Luckily they found us and paid for a new light.

Dave always buys a BAM cup, then ask me for a little something to go in it. Next year I hope to have him a special cup!

This post vise was one of the 2 day demonstrations. Luckily my blacksmith purchased it at the auction!

Packing up to go home.

Now the hammer went to Houston Missouri for a class in June. 

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