Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday guest rooms

Okay so I'm a day late. Maybe even a dollar short. But Kelly is hosting Friday Guest room's. since we are empty nesters we have two spare bedrooms. I will show you a little bit of them.

This is our house. You can tell because BT is looking out the door to make sure. Sorry I forgot to close the garage doors. This is a post and beam home built for us in 1993.
This was the daughter's room. Now it's what I call Noah's room. The quilt I have on the bed features 50 paper pieced animals and the ark. I hand appliqued the ocean waves. It was made in 2002.
Here is the display of some of my Noah Ark collectibles. They are housed in what BT calls the Candy cabinet. We bought it from his grade school about 16 years ago. At recess the nuns would sell candy out of it.

The corner with the grand kids baby bed. Which also happened to be the bed my sister and I used as babies, along with my kids.

The other spare room is used by the youngest grandson when he naps here. He laid claim to the cowboy quilt I made last year. The log bed was purchased from EBay and I put it together and stained it.

That's my quick house tour for this week. Check back maybe next week is Dining room week.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Love your house! I'll come back later and take a better tour and get a closer look at those beautiful quilts too. Gorgeous, gorgeous! And bits and pieces of yours and BT's history also... how cool is that?-tw

Crafts a la Mode said...

Oh, I do love your house. I have a Cape cod and so does Carol. Is this a Cape? Beautiful, truly, my type of house.

Sara said...

Wow! It's all so beautiful, but I especially love the great history everything has! and the wood. and the incredible quilts. cool!

Tipper said...

Nice rooms-I like them both!