Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A walk in the woods

Today the blacksmith and I headed to the woods for two reasons, to freshen up his Turkey blind and to mushroom hunt. Now I’ve never been very successful at finding them. However today was my lucky day.

 Violets were blooming and enjoying the sunshine.



The dogwoods were outstanding!

Blood-wort is just coming up.

My first find of the afternoon.

A close-up!

They’re everywhere!

So when you go to the woods without a plastic bag. . . You use your glove box from the Can-am.

Twenty five in all! 



Janna and Mike said...

WOW! We look every year for morels in Montana but seldom find any--good for you guys! The dogwoods were beautiful in Arkansas when I was visiting Mom.

Lise said...

What a find! Enjoy, morels are our favorite!

Down On The Farm said...

Wow!!! You did GREAT!!! (I wish I liked mushrooms . . . but I don't!)