Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Easter week

Thursday, April 1st, we headed  for Jacob’s cave swap meet. It’s always fun. Today it was 40 degrees and a strong cold wind.

I could not believe my eyes, a street sign with my maiden name. The vendor said it came from Kansas City.

The Amish were there with fried pies. Never mind we had eaten 2 twist donuts earlier in the day. I got red raspberry, for the blacksmith I bought gooseberry.

Antiquing with good friends who have the same interest can be fun, except when both guys liked the same trailer. Terry found it first and laid claim to it. 

After he borrowed our trailer hitch, the guys had to find a trailer ball. After that was accomplished, they borrowed wrenches from a vendor and they were set.

Saturday I bake the “lamb”  that hubby always requested. The icing was a new recipe. I threw the calorie count out the window. I mean really what could 2 sticks of butter, a1/2 cup shortening and 6 cups powdered sugar add up to??

Easter bunny dropped off a white chocolate bunny, so as someone didn’t feel left out!

This pretty much sums up our Easter, Danish twist, jello eggs, lamb cake, and Angel food cake. I forgot to get a photo of the delicious fried chicken the guys made.

For afternoon exercise, the guys cut this tall leaning tree down.

Life is good! EASTER 2021

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Lise said...

Looks like a wonderful Easter!