Friday, November 26, 2021


We have so much to be thankful for this year. Family, Faith, Friends, and good health.

Speaking of family, I recently received my Grandmother Lona August Hickman Cardwell's personal bible. Inside was this handwritten piece naming all of her children and their birthdates. Also including was my grandfather James Nelson Cardwell's obituary. Wish I had known him. His brass plate social security card was also in the box. 

What a wonderful treasure, I will cherish it. 

Thanksgiving Day started when I woke the blacksmith up to help me cut the turkey in half. Yep I like the spatchcock style  bird. To the rescue was this heavy cleaver made by blacksmith friend Bob Stomer. Bernie won it several years ago in a trade item exchange. 

I love to use this big spatterware bowl to make my mom's dressing


Lori once again took the table picture. 

Lizzie made the pecan pies. The glass tree was made by my friend Tami Bagley, she is so talented with glass.


The Pumpkin pie wasn't eaten until the big meal started wearing off, later in the afternoon.

Grandson Alex has a little whipped cream with his pecan pie. This reminds me of my brother Wesley and cousin Mark one year at Grandma Cardwell's. They had fun with one of the first cans of squirt whipped cream we ever had seen!

Lori and the boys went for a movie. This is something we did as kids on Thanksgiving  afternoon, when we were at Grandma Cardwell's.

I see by Lori's picture, Alex’s girlfriend Josie even joined them. 

Wish we could have had the Florida grandkids here. However they seemed to have had  fun at their uncle's place.

Since Lizzie didn't go to the movies, she decided to make some stockings for her cat Moose, and dog Rosie.  


We even found fur, so they would match the family stockings at home. 

Family, Friends, and good Food. Life is Good.

God is Good.

Family blessings.


Down On The Farm said...

Blessed for sure!! Happy happy thanksgiving my friend. !

Janna and Mike said...

Life is indeed good. While we didn't have family around we so enjoyed being with good friends.

Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Hi Patti - this is Teresa from A Life Made Simple! Just to let you know we have a new blog. We hope you are well!