Wednesday, November 17, 2021

More of the 365 day blocks

Week 42

This is one of my favorite blocks maybe. 

Week 43

Week 44,  I'm not always please with my color design after they are made, but I usually keep them. The last block is not my favorite.  


Week 45

Week 46.  If my counting is right, counting the stashing I'm up to 9,634 pieces of fabric. 

It's been a good week to sew as the blacksmith closed shop and moved to deer camp for the week. That has it's advantages, I don't cook, I get invited to deer camp for dinner, my day is free to do anything I want. 

Deer camp is only 2 miles from our house. So he does come home to shower and grab anything he might need for the next meal. 

He scored with this 9 point buck early in the week. 

Yesterday he came home and we took a little road trip. My friend Debby needs a pick me up, so we picked her some bittersweet. 

The fence row is full of it. 

I made this bee quilt for my soon to be great niece, Della. She's due the day before my 70th birthday. I sure hope she holds out for 1 day!!

Life is good.

God is Great.


Terry said...

Beautiful blocks! :0)

Janna and Mike said...

Your quilt blocks are beautiful--I am assuming paper pieced? I have a good friend in Montana who has a granddaughter named Della--it was my friend's Mom's name.