Friday, May 13, 2022

Garden walk

Onions, radishes and lettuce, it’s growing quickly. The tomato and pepper plants not so much. They were nearly drown last week. We hope they recover.

This poor grape vine has been here for probably over a decade and never produced.

The potatoes have grown quickly!

Tonight we enjoyed our first garden salad. I add green onions, mandarin oranges and a sweet vinegar and oil dressing with poppy seeds. We could eat this every meal!

It’s a dog life! Guess we wore her out between garden walking and helping in the blacksmith shop. (This was after we hosed the coal dust off)!

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Janna and Mike said...

I do miss a garden but gardening in Montana at 5200 feet elevation is just more trouble than it's worth! One year I worked so hard, covering my tomatoes EVERY night so they would grow better and on August 26th when I had beautiful GREEN tomatoes, it frosted hard enough that even with the covers, the tomatoes froze. That was my last garden. I can grow things like lettuce/radishes/potatoes but don't even try growing those any longer. Your lettuce looks beautiful!