Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Blacksmith Association of Missouri 30th Conference

Parked in the Missouri State Fair grounds. 

Catching up with my bestie, Margie. It had been way to long between in person visits.

The BAM Boutique that I run.  Me and a lot of wonderful volunteers. I'd be lost without them. 

Bernie and Steve unloading "Vern".

Bernie, Steve and Ken doing a wrought iron weld. 

Lisa Higgins from the Missouri Folk Art Program was there to recognize several people. Here is Bernie, Pat McCarty, and Bob Patrick, all previous recipients. 

Bernie receiving his certificate for teaching in the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program 2021-2022

Willy Bagley and Pheona were serenaded in a chorus of Happy Birthday!

Could you tell it was a cold May Day?

 Mike Gentzsch again made two beautiful toolboxes that were raffled off. 

Me and my two friends, Karen from Oklahoma and of course Margie.

Time to load it back up. 

You must read the description of Sid's knife. Quite the story! This was on display in our gallery. 

Gallery item.

Gallery item.

Gallery item.

Gallery item. I might have a little inside tip on what Doc is making for the conference next year! Stay tuned.

Kirk Sullens previous from Missouri, now living in Florida was one of our demonstrators. He made the neatest Octopus,

A few drinks were consumed and passed around at the Saturday night auction. 

Another Pat McCarty chest. This was number 69 that he's made.

Nathan made an auction item. Wished I had taken a picture of the bottom. It was for BAM's 30th conference. 

A beautiful Hummingbird feeder made by Eric Bartch of Colonial Iron. Picture does not do it justice. 

Another fantastic conference is in the books.


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